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An Experienced Attorney Serving Park City And Beyond

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Standing Up For Your Interests

At LKT Legal, we have more than 20 years of legal experience.


Legal support for property division, spousal support and other aspects of divorce


Child Custody And Support
Create a custody and support plan that meets your child’s needs, and yours


Domestic Violence
Take action if you have experienced violence at home or fear that you might


Make sure the child in your life is in the best possible environmentt

Offering Services From Collaborative Law To Aggressive Litigation

LKT Legal, LLC — will analyze the details of your case and propose a legal strategy that meets your needs. Laja K. Thompson is a former district attorney and city attorney, so she is always prepared to take a case to court and aggressively stand up for your interests.

We understand litigation is not the only way to serve our clients. That is why we also offer collaborative law services. Ms. Thompson is trained as a collaborative law attorney, and she is a member of the Utah Association of Collaborative Professionals. Collaborative law can save you both time and money, when both parties are open to discussion and compromise.

When you retain LKT Legal, LLC, we’ll be sure to give your case our undivided attention. Every detail will be closely reviewed so we can gain a better understanding of your specific circumstances.

A Wide Range Of Family Law Services

At LKT Legal, LLC, we provide legal assistance in the following areas:

We recognize many of our clients cannot afford large upfront legal retainer fees. We work with you and evaluate your case to determine the best course of action at the most affordable price. As such, we offer payment plans, flat rate pricing and unbundled services to help you get the representation you need and deserve.

20 Years Of Litigation Experience

Call LKT Legal, LLC today to schedule a one-hour $125 consultation. If you decide to retain us, we will credit that $125 to your account. To schedule an appointment with lawyer Laja K. Thompson, just call 435-565-4721 or email us. From our Office in Park City, Utah, we serve Summit, Wasatch and Salt Lake Counties.